Blue Book EU Official Gazette - General compendium on EU import and release regulations
CE Rules list Summary of the applicable CE regulations, with application criteria, directives and methods
CE Marking - Web
CE Marking - Pdf
Important and exhaustive official guide on the distinction between the figures of MANUFACTURER, IMPORTER and DISTRIBUTOR. Their duties and practical and regulatory obligations.
Rapex alert system Check week-by-week products blocked for their danger; there are also large brands, proving that no one is safe from the safety issues produced.
EU Common regulation - Web
EU Common regulation - Pdf
DECISION No 768/2008 / EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the common framework for the marketing of products. Important document concerning the general nature of products
Import taxes calculation Official link to EU web site to calculate import taxes ans know the restrictions on goods yuo want to import.
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