A clear and fast service

Respectful of European regulations.Our engineers will care of your problems in a short time. Without facing the very high costs of a Notified Body, following the Law you can put the product in conformity by following the regulations.
Tests can be performed both in a Chinese laboratory accredited to TUV, costs are much lower than european laboratories and have the same legal value.
Euro Ce engineers can follow you at various stages even in the case of products locked by Customs.

Our Service includes:

1. Get a product sample in China thorugh our operators in Shenzhen
3. Speak to the suppliers and get as many documents as possible;;
3. Check up of supplier's documentation, to be sent by email;
4. Opinion on CE compliance issued by a qualified engineer;
5. Drawing of the Technical Construction Folder and attachments;
6. Under request, a Certification on rules and documentation, released by a Notified body;

Dashboard available

You will get a very useful dashboard, manageable both bfrom desktop and cellular.
Password access protected, you will have a clear idea on the situation by ulplading and downloading documents, tests, communications, invoices and related documents. This will allow you to have a 360 degrees panoramic view of the activities made for you.
Login to demo dashboard Login: demo@demo.com Passwd: demo123

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